Cash Withdrawal at Alior Bank branch

All Alior Bank branches are at your disposal. Services provided by a branch include cash deposits and cash withdrawals from your accounts held in PLN, EUR, GBP and USD.

Cash withdrawals above  PLN 25 000 or EUR 3 000 or USD, GBP 2 000 require prior notifications. The bank should be notified 2 working days before the planned date of cash withdrawal. For cash withdrawals below the mentioned values, notification is not required.

In Alior Bank affiliates - Placówki Partnerskie you can withdraw cash in PLN only to the value agreed with Agent

The branches browser in Kantor Walutowy covers all Alior Bank branches. Before visiting the branch, check if there is cash or foreign currencies service. However, clients who are interested only in PLN, may also visit our other branches to deposit or withdraw cash.

CAUTION: Please mind that according to par. 13 of Tabela Opłat, Prowizji i Oprocentowania Kantoru Walutowego dla Klientów Indywidualnych (tab Documentation at About us), "Bank does not accept coins in foreign currencies. If a need of a coins paycheck occure, Bank will convert the amount of foreign currency into polish zlotys and pay Client the equivalent of this amount."

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