Why is it worth it?

Learn more about the benefitial features of Kantor Walutowy

  • Accounts in 23 currencies without additional cost
  • Transfer transaction proceeds for free
  • Make currency exchange orders

Attractive foreign exchange rates

Kantor Walutowy allows for easy exchange of a foreign currency (e.g. to pay back a loan or to settle sales agreements with international contractors) at attractive currency exchange conditions. Take a look at our exchange rates.

Open 24/7

The foreign exchange market is never asleep and neither are we. We are the first in the market to let you trade currencies 24 hours a day, even on Saturdays and Sundays. In addition, if you have any questions, you can get in touch with our Contact Center.

Security Warrantydlaczego warto - gwarancja bezpieczenstwa

Since currency exchange in Kantor Walutowy takes place between your accounts without having to transfer funds to external accounts, your assets benefit from the same protection as those given to other Alior Bank accounts. Kantor Walutowy is a banking currency service and therefore your funds are protected by the Bank Guarantee Fund.

Possibility of settlement in cash

You would like to take advantage of the exchange rates available in Kantor Walutowy, but you prefer travelling with cash in hand? You can withdraw money at any branch of Alior Bank in the following currencies: PLN, EUR, USD, GBP. If you conduct any business activities, you can withdraw the funds in PLN in partner branches up to an amount agreed beforehand. For amounts less than PLN 25 000 or EUR 3 000 or USD/GBP 2 000, you can withdraw the money in person at the local branch. Larger withdrawals at a branch need a prior warning at Kantor Walutowy. In Alior Bank Express branches is possibility to withdraw PLN 10 000 without notification..

Convenient service

You will be allowed at all times to make use of every service by means of your telephone or tablet. Unexpected payments in international currency? This is not a problem! We offer you a very convenient service, so we encourage you to take advantage of it and start trading more money!

dlaczego warto - szeroka funkcjonalnoscA wide range of functions (e.g. payment cards in foreign currencies)

A  Kantor Walutowy account allows for more than just currency trade. Customers benefit from a variety of options such as: currency orders that let you execute transactions at more desirable rates, notifications of the current levels in exchange rates and the status of the orders, possibility of receiving the exchanged funds at Alior Bank branch (usually not accessible for the customers of other online exchange offices).

Assistance at the branches and Contact Center

You can contact us at Contact Center (19 502) from 8am til 10pm, 7 days a week for customer support or you can fill out the contact form. What’s more, the bankers are at your disposal in Alior Bank branches.

Free wire transfers

You can transfer your money for free via Kantor Walutowy to any bank account within your country or abroad.

A wide range of currencies

Right from day one we offer our customers access to up to 13 foreign currencies! We allow purchases as well as sales of individual currencies. There are also cross transactions for some cross currency pairs (currency trades that exclude PLN – for example, USD/EUR trade). In order to execute cross transactions, you have to choose the right option under the Settings of your account.

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  • Autodealing – for people who are looking for the solutions fully integrated with their primary bank account. They just need bank accounts in two different currencies so as to easily and quickly trade a currency or save the funds in the bank account