• can be issued in EUR, USD and GBP
  • issuance and card management is free of charge if  you start using it within 6 months of its date of issue
  • contactless PayPass™ transactions and Internet payments


Only in Kantor Walutowy you can order debit cards  in EUR, USD or GBP. Debit MasterCard PayPass™ are issued for free. These cards allow you to make online payments and contactless payments. Moreover, you can set individual transaction limits for the card and a PIN code.

Debit Cards allows you to:

  • pay abroad for hotels, restaurants or shopping
  • withdraw cash in required currency so that you save money on currency exchange
  • easily configure card limits for cash and non-cash transactions


        exchange-currency-eur      exchange-currency-usd       exchange-currency-gbp                

Note: Alior Bank does not charge any additional fees for cash withdrawals from foreign ATMs, except those listed in Tabeli Opłat, Prowizji i Oprocentowania Kantoru Walutowego dla Klientów Indywidualnych. However, the ATM owner may charge a fee (surcharge) for use of the device. Obligation to provide information about the additional fee shall be governed by separate regulations and may differ between countries.

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