Terms of Use

The phrases used in the" Terms of Use" are defined in the following way:

Kantor Walutowy – currency platform of Alior Bank S.A.

Resources of Kantor Walutowy – information in Kantor Walutowy that are available on the basis of Terms of Use .

User – a natural person who uses the resources of this Site in a way described in the following Terms of Use.

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  1. To make use of all the functionalities of Kantor Walutowy you need to turn on the protocol of the safe transmission of SSL data as well as Java Script Service, Java, Flash and cookies.
  2. The user has to use Kantor Walutowy in accordance with law, the Terms and good practices that respect the laws of intellectual properties.
  3. Alior Bank reserves the right to make a one-sided decision about the content presented in Kantor Walutowy, its changes and modifications.
  4. In Kantor Walutowy Alior Bank gives access to materials which are protected by the copyright law including documents, trademarks, and other works of authorship such as texts, pictures, graphics, sounds and audio/video materials; whereas arrangement of such information comprises an independent object of protection under copyright law.
  5. By giving access to the content, which comprises an independent object of protection under copyright law, Alior Bank expects that Users agree to be bound to the laws of intellectual property.
  6. A User has a right to use the resources of Kantor Walutowy solely for his or her own personal purpose. It means that with regards to the data and other materials included in the resources of Kantor Walutowy as well as those under protection of copyright laws and those that are not, one is prohibited from using these materials for commercial purposes.
  7. All the activities that are related to the use of the works under copyright law including copying, sending and public sharing and all other forms of usage is only permitted under the consent of authority.
  8. Alior Bank reserves the right to use the cookies, which by saving the short information on the User’s computer, enables to identify the user and in consequence enables learning about his interests and behaviors.
  9. Alior Bank gathers the information about the Users’s behaviors by means of cookies with an intention to learn about their interests and needs.
  10. Alior Bank gathers the information about the Users only for its own purpose. All the data transmission to the third parties is carried out:
  • if that is what law requires
  • for the current and potential Trade Partners in the form of aggregation characterized by the population of Kantor Walutowy Users