About us

The change in the banking law in August 2011 caused the increase in the number of online currency exchange offices and revolutionized the current sales of foreign currency. Alior Bank meets Clients’ expectations and launches the first banking currency service that is fully available on the Internet – Kantor Walutowy. It guarantees safety of the funds gathered in Clients’ accounts, which is not available at other non-banking platforms. Clients can remotely get access to Kantor Walutowy and open accounts for different currencies without leaving the house. Kantor Walutowy offers a bird's eye view on all your accounts with a single login and without additional fees. Thanks to Kantor Walutowy currency exchange is now less time-consuming as the exchange is executed between your accounts immediately. Clients who want to receive the exchanged funds in cash can visit one of the selected branches of Alior Bank. Kantor Walutowy is the first banking product that links together comfort, safety and advantageous conditions of currency exchange.

More information about Alior Bank is available on the bank's website.

  Currency Exchange Transactions

All currency transactions are executed between your accounts in Kantor Walutowy which minimize its transfer time. The exchanged funds are available immediately on your Kantor Walutowy account .

Domestic and Currency Transfers

All transfers between accounts in Alior Bank, Kantor Walutowy and T-Mobile Usługi Bankowe are settled immediately.

Domestic transfers are for free and settled according to Elixir sessions.

For every transfer in Kantor Walutowy you can indicate who covers fees and commissions. 3 cost option are available: SHA, OUR and BEN

All these cost options can be executed in three types of transfer: ordinary, urgent and express.

The difference between ordinary, urgent and express transfers is delivery time:

  • ordinary type: funds are delivered in 2 working days
  • urgent type: funds are delivered overnight
  • express type: funds are delivered today


Domestic Transfers - Elixir Sessions

The Bank makes transfers through the National Clearing House (Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa - KIR) in accordance with the so-called Elixir sessions. Both the bank from which the transfer is made and the bank which accepts it have an influence on the time when instructions (transfers) are fulfilled.

At Alior Bank, in order for a transfer to be sent for KIR’s 1st session, it needs to be instructed by 8:20, for the 2nd session by 12:20 and for the 3rd session by 15:20. The times for the acceptance of these transfers at other banks may differ.

Alior Bank starts accepting incoming transfers at the following times:

  • 1st KIR session - from 11:00;
  • 2nd KIR session - from 15:00;
  • 3rd KIR session - from 17:00.


Currency Transfers

 Cut-off times for picking up orders for settlement in the same day

Cut-off times for executing transactions on the same day in Kantor Walutowy (D - date of order placement if it is a working day)

Service Cut-off time
 domestic and currency transfers to Alior Bank accounts 23:55
 currency transfer,  ordinary type D+2  EUR 15:00
 currency transfer, urgent  type D+1  EUR 15:00

 currency transfer, express  type D

 EUR, USD, GBP 13:00
 CHF 08:50

Domestic and international transfer orders can be also placed at any Alior Bank branch. Transfers to Alior Bank accounts are executed on the same day and you can place an order at the working hours at the chosen branch. The cut-off times in online banking applies for international transfers as well.