About us

The change in the banking law in August 2011 caused the increase in the number of online currency exchange offices and revolutionized the current sales of foreign currency. Alior Bank meets Clients’ expectations and launches the first banking currency service that is fully available on the Internet – Kantor Walutowy. It guarantees safety of the funds gathered in Clients’ accounts, which is not available at other non-banking platforms. Clients can remotely get access to Kantor Walutowy and open accounts for different currencies without leaving the house. Kantor Walutowy offers a bird's eye view on all your accounts with a single login and without additional fees. Thanks to Kantor Walutowy currency exchange is now less time-consuming as the exchange is executed between your accounts immediately. Clients who want to receive the exchanged funds in cash can visit one of the selected branches of Alior Bank. Kantor Walutowy is the first banking product that links together comfort, safety and advantageous conditions of currency exchange.

More information about Alior Bank is available on the bank's website.

2018-12-19: BEN and OUR option not available for EEA countries.

In conjunction with Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), from December 20th 2018 BEN and OUR option will be not available for EEA countries. To process transfer you can use only SHA cost option.

Information also applies to defined recipients, transfers on old templates will not be processed.