Currency exchange

Currency exchange in Kantor Walutowy

  • It costs PLN 0 to manage your account
  • Attractive foreign exchange rates
  • A wide variety of available currencies
  • Possibility of withdrawing cash at one of the 200 Alior Bank branches


 Kantor Walutowy offers a fully secure way to trade currencies – only here are the funds of customers secured by Banking Guarantee Fund. Here are the reasons why it is the best way to trade currencies online:

  • Attractive exchange rates
  • A wide range of currencies
  • No fees for account management


A comprehensive system offers a whole range of services related to currency exchange. Every exchange can be combined with wire transfers within the country or abroad. Clients can equally customize notification alerts about the desired exchange rate.  For customer’s comfort, we also make it possible to make a cash withdrawal at any Alior Bank branch. If you request less than PLN 25,000 or  less than EUR 3,000 or USD/GBP 2,000, you do not need to inform us in advance.

Single transaction size limits


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Currency orders

  • You would like to buy a currency at a predefined rate, but you do not want to waste time on checking the notifications? Start using currency orders
  • Specify the exchange rate, state the amount, set the expiration date – the currency trade will be executed when the exchange rate achieves its specified value
  • The exchanged funds can be sent right away to the specified account. You only have to define the receiver