Currency orders

Currency orders

  • Exchange currencies at even lower prices
  • Set the parameters of your order when the exchange rate reaches the specified level. The funds will be automatically exchanged
  • Various kinds of currency orders available
  • User friendly tools assisting you with, for example, bill payments in foreign currencies



At Kantor Walutowy there are certain ways to make the process of currency exchange even easier:

Orders with price limit

This order enables you to buy or sell a certain amount of currencies at a requested rate. In addition you can set an expiration date for this order. If the order expires and the exchange rate does not reach your desired level, you can choose to buy a currency at the current market rate or just cancel the order.

currency-orders-calendarCyclic Orders

This service allows you to buy or sell a currency on a specific day of each  month before the expiration date. The customer sets the specific day of month and the transaction is made automatically every month. It is an ideal option to buy currency for loan repayment.


Mixed Order

This service combines the best features of two other types of orders – cyclic orders and orders with price limit. Currency trading is carried out every month on a specific day if the requested level of currency rate is achieved. If, however, the currency rate does not reach that level, you can place the order at a current rate on the last day of the cycle. As is the case for all other orders, the expiration date must be specified.

After execution of any order, the funds you exchanged can be automatically sent to the specified recipient. The customer can be informed of the status of these orders via e-mail as well as SMS (text messages).

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Alerts in Kantor Walutowy

This feature informs you about:

  • the execution of orders
  • the expiry of orders
  • lack of funds to execute the order
  • the inflow of new funds to your account

Each alert can be delivered by SMS or e-mail